Camping Hacks

Posted by Ashley Quinton on 4th Jun 2019

Hi Everyone! 

It's been awhile since I have written a blog for you. (Matthew and I have been very busy with launching RV Time). Anyways, this time I want to do some fun hacks that I have learned for camping. From food, to packing, to keeping a cleaner campsite. I believe that are these things are helpful for having an easy fun camping trip. 

1. Sage Bundles. No one like bugs around you while your camping. Your cooking, eating, play a card game. Bugs are annoying. This is something that I tried out after finding it on Pinterest and yes it works!!! If you have a white sage plant growing in your yard or a friend's yard then your set. Go and cut some leaves, wrap them with a cotton yarn and let them dry out for 2 weeks or so. If you're like me and do not have one of these wonderful plants growing in your yard then I suggest using Worldinsensestore. They are on You will not be disappointed. I have attached a picture and a direct link to their website. :)

2. Glow Sticks in your cooler! I mean come on, once I show you how cool this looks you will be like me and say "how have I never done this before?!" But once again you will love it and use it every single time that you go camping. I always get my glow sticks from my local Dollar Tree. If they do not have them Walmart always does. 

3. Smores Box. Put this box together before you go camping. It easy. No mess, less trash and you will be the envy of all the other campers! 

4. DIY Fire Starters. Okay how many times have you been camping and you can't find any good kindling to start a fire? Me, I have many many times. So, I started searching on the web and found a way to make you own. First you need lint (just start saving all the lint from the dryer you throw away) next you need toilet paper tubs and finally some wax paper. Stuff the lint inside the toilet paper tub and wrap it with the wax paper. There you have it your very own fire starter for practically free! 

Happy Camping! 

Avery Quinton ( Collins Lake 2019)