8 Tips for camping with kids

Posted by Ashley Quinton on 29th Apr 2019

Hi everyone! It's Ashley here from RV Time. Being a mother and a business owner I know what its like to want a relaxing vacation with your family. But lets face it sometimes with kids it's hard. I have a few tips that I think will make your next camping trip a little easier and stress free.

1. Forget the dirt! At home, I'm constantly telling my 2 year old daughter to take off her shoes when she comes in from playing outside and she's super dirty. But when you're camping, dirt is part of the experience. Let them play in the dirt and get their clothes dirty. They'll love it, plus an RV can handle the mess.

2. Take clothes that can get dirty. Don't pack the pretty clothes, trust me your pictures can't tell. Also, know the weather for the trip. No one likes being cold or hot and it makes camping less fun. Everything will come home smelling like a campfire, so make sure its all washable.

3. Plan on making quick easy meals. You want things that have little prep work and minimal clean up. After you pick the main course, pick out your sides, make these things the kids normally eat. Full bellies make happy campers! Minimize your cleanup by using disposables (plates, napkins, cups etc). Its not Eco friendly but it will save you time and kids love to throw things in the campfire (with supervision) so why not make it a little easier on you?

4. Take lots of wipes, even for your older kids. They help clean faces, sticky hands, and you can even use them for a wipe shower before bedtime.

5. Pack lots of bottled water and easy to grab snacks. This will help you avoid the "hangry" phase. Healthy snacks like apples, trail mix, and dried fruit are easy to carry. The little ones love the squeezable yogurts and they are easy to store in the fridge or cooler and don't take up a lot of space.

6. Take comfortable bedding. Everyone including Mom and Dad will sleep better with their own pillows and blankets. Also let them take their favorite stuffed animal or baby doll. These things are washable.

7. Put away your electronics. Yes, even you Mom and Dad! Make the older kids leave theirs in the car. Camping is a time to connect and enjoy the simple things. So disconnect from the outside world and enjoy some old fashion family time.

8. Last but not least. Parents you work hard! Let them play while you just sit there and have a cocktail. Don't feel like you have to plan every second of the trip or that you have to entertain them every second. Camping should be a vacation for you too. Let them look for bugs, pick flowers, and gather sticks for the fire. Just enjoy the moments with your family.

I hope this helps you on your next camping trip. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to keep up with RV Time!!




Bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger.

1."I get very hangry if I miss a meal"